Friday, August 9, 2019

SA4102 – Tick Remover x 2
The Safe and Sound Tick remover is suitable for use on humans and animals for the safe and pain free removal of ticks. It will remove the whole tick without squeezing it reducing the risk of infection There are 2 sizes of hooks included; for use on different sizes of ticks.

  • Easy to use
  • Reusable


SA8328 – Small Metal Finger Splint
The Safe and Sound Small Metal Finger Splint is designed to immobile fingers and thumbs following injury. The soft foam lining provides comfortable support and the malleable aluminium is adjustable to accommodate swelling.

  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Suitable for thumbs


SA8329 - Finger Injury Kit
The Safe and Sound Finger Injury Kit includes one metal finger splint and two finger straps. The metal finger splint it used to immobilise fingers following injury. The strapping can then be used to hold fingers together for protection.

  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Soft foam lining


SA8440 – AM / PM Pill Box CDU
The AM / PM Pill Box is ideal for twice-a-day medication needs. Its compact size fits easily into your pocket or handbag.

  • Easy snap lid
  • Pocket sized


SJA42120 - 15cm Chrome Light-up Mirror

  • x5 magnification
  • True reflection


SJA42121 - 15cm Chrome Pedestal Mirror

  • x2 magnification
  • True reflection


SJA42122 - Foldable Chrome Rectangle Mirror

  • Multi-use handle
  • True reflection & magnified image


SJA42124 - Foldable Chrome Round Mirror

  • Multi-use handle
  • True reflection & magnified image